Why invest in Kepler Weber?

Meet our company

With 99 years of history, Kepler Weber is a company of Brazilian origin and is the leader in grain post-harvest solutions in Latin America. It delivers complete and innovative solutions for grain processing, handling and conservation, generating value for its customers, shareholders, business partners, employees and the community.

On the strategic planning front, the highlight is the importance of increasing recurring revenues and healthy margins for the Company. The main pillars supporting this strategy are the spare parts and services segment, which has been gaining strength with the company’s presence closer to its customers through a structure of 7 DCs, in addition to a whole portfolio of parts and services that is less exposed to market volatility than investments in post-harvest projects. Another fundamental pillar is the digitization process, which is seen by the company as having great potential, given the installed base of 17,000 silos that will be modernized and digitized, helping clients to increase efficiency gains in the post-harvest process, and providing a series of opportunities for Kepler to expand the offer of solutions through data collected in the field.

Kepler Weber in figures, relative to 2022
Trend-two (趋势)

Net Revenues
R$ 1,512.10

(in millions of Reais)

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Frame 54160

Net Margin


Business Units

Farms: This segment serves rural producers, small, medium and large, with complete solutions of products and services for the post-harvest stage, allowing to preserve the grains harvested from the crop in ideal conditions, increase profitability and gains with the commercialization at the best time according to the agricultural commodities market.

International Business: Kepler is present in 5 continents, and, in 2022, it made its first sale to Indonesia, totaling 53 countries. Most of the company’s exports go to Latin American countries, where we hold a leading position on the market, serving rural producers and agro-industries.

Ports and Terminals: We have solutions for handling solid bulk in transshipment terminals and ports, which are an important part of the food and commodity export logistics chain, increasing the country’s competitiveness compared to its international peers. Kepler has already delivered more than 100 projects for this segment, where it has operated since 1992 and for which it has a specialized engineering team.

Agro-industries: Segment, focused on projects for the transformation of agricultural commodities into higher value-added products, such as corn ethanol, soybean oil, animal feed, wheat mills, rice industries. It covers corporate clients such as trading companies, industries, cooperatives and cereal growers.

Parts and services: This business area is focused on generating recurring revenues through the sale of spare parts, adaptation of existing units to current safety regulations, capacity expansion and modernization of equipment, in addition to specialized services such as training programs, assisted operations and equipment adjustments.